Physical Therapy Services

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We Offer Three Levels of Service

Level 1 – In Clinic

Level 1 is our base level of physical therapy treatment service. All treatments sessions are performed in the clinic and are 60 minutes, 1-on-1 with your physiotherapist. In order to provide consistency with your individualized rehab program, no ancillary staff is utilized at SRC. We strive to achieve an optimal outcome in your recovery from injury or surgery. We’re here not only to help you move and feel better, but to improve your performance as well.

  • Telehealth consultations and follow up visits included in this level
  • Cost is attached
  • Schedule an appointment online

Level 2 – We Come To You

Similar to level 1, except we come to you! Level 2 services are performed remotely, on site at the location required by you to fit your needs. Our physical therapy treatments can be provided on site, at your home, office, or sporting venue (field, track, gym, etc). Perfect for:

  • Individuals who are newly out of surgery and want the convenience of in-home rehab services
  • Individuals who have transportation difficulties and prefer in-home rehab services
  • Individuals who have difficulty getting away from the office or are too busy to deal with commute times to and from appointments (Individual and corporate rates available)
  • Athletes that want help safely bridging the gap from in-clinic injury rehab to full return-to-sport activity safely
      • We can integrate sport specific drills on the actual surface you compete on. You can push yourself through stress, doubt, and hesitation with the confidence that your physio is present to ensure safe progression through activity
      • Integrating sport-specific drills on the surfaces where you actually compete
      • Monitoring form, dynamic body control, neuromuscular adaptation training 
      • Push yourself thru stress, doubt, and/or hesitation with the confidence that your physio is present to ensure safe progression through activity

    Please schedule via phone or email with one of our staff members.

Level 3 – Customized Option

Level 3 is SRC’s most individualized and comprehensive treatment option. Services are provided remotely for individuals in a fashion that allows for our staff to be with you for the full day. Our physios are available to travel to you regardless of your location (nationally or internationally) to provide rehab services on a “per day” rate.
Single day or multi-day options available. Perfect for:

  • Individuals looking for a more comprehensive and individualized rehab plan, including preventative medicine from experts in the field of sports medicine
  • Individuals recovering from injury or surgery who travel extensively and are looking for consistency of care, regardless of location
  • Individuals/athletes looking to manage injuries and surgeries independent of team services
  • Individuals looking to manage injuries with their best interests in mind in order to promote long-term safety and longevity of their careers
  • Athletes looking to prolong their career by getting more comprehensive, individualized attention in a fashion that is focused on recovery and the latest in injury prevention, tissue, healing, etc

For this level of service, our rates are variable. Please reach out to one of staff members via phone or email for more information!

SRC Price List

In order to provide individualized, comprehensive care, independent of what may be dictated by your insurance provider, SRC does not contract directly with insurance companies.

SRC functions as a self-pay provider, enabling us to offer longer treatment times, direct 1-on-1 therapist to patient interaction, and to achieve superior outcomes in fewer total visits than traditional,insurance-based providers.

SRC does accept payments through Flex Spending and Health Savings accounts. We can also provide a detailed superbill receipt that you may use to submit your visits to your insurance provider for “out of network” benefits and/or visit reimbursement.

Clinic Services

-Initial Evaluation/Consultation (90 minute) -$180
-Initial Evaluation/Consultation (60 minute) -$120
-Follow up visit- $90-$100 (Therapist dependent)
-10 visit package purchase -$800 ($100 Savings)

Remote Services

-Home or Office visit (60 minute) -$180
-Telehealth/VideoConsultation -$80
-Concierge VIP/Travel services – Contact us at for a quote


How It Works

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Initial evaluation: a deeper dive into the issues you are facing

Provide a Plan: Individualized treatment solutions for you

Here’s What Our Past Clients Have to Say

I came to SRC as a last resort. I cannot say enough about my experience with this clinic so far. They have done literally everything in their power to help me — both physically and mentally. Kristen has taken a completely holistic approach to my healing, taking her time to examine (all of) my issues with patience and intention. I’ve never once second guessed her commitment to my health. Every time I walk through the door I know that they want me to heal as much as I want myself to heal. And that they are going to do everything it takes to help me, no matter how long it takes.

Hannah Leathers

Molly Brown Ultimate

Lindsay Winninger has helped me through multiple hip surgeries. My hips were in bad shape and traveling to me for my rehab was huge! She helped speed up my recovery by a mixture of training properly and working on me multiple times a day, stuff every athlete needs. To have Lindsay around 24/7 with her knowledge was not only convenient for my hip rehab, but I was able to spend more time with my family too.

Ryan Kesler

Professional Hockey Player, NHL

Ron (and all of the PTs) at SRC offer a level of care that’s unmatched in Denver! When you show up for your FULL HOUR of dedicated one-on-one treatment with your SRC therapist, be prepared to receive the full array of the most modern treatment methods, education on your injury, and an accelerated path to recovery. My wife (ACL/MCL) and I (hip/other) have seen SRC post-surgically and for various other injuries. The kind and humble folks at SRC keep our family charging forward, and we always leave treatment with a smile!

Alan and Sara Bennett

I flew to see Lindsay in Vail all the way from the UK. I wasn’t getting any stronger at home. However, after a week with Lindsay, I came off my crutches and I left with so many exercises to strengthen my knee. Without Lindsay I wouldn’t be able to ski now. First class service! I would definitely recommend them.

Amy Lloyd

United Kingdom

ANDREW EATON is an amazing physical therapist that has brought me back to all my physical activity after ACL reconstruction surgery at Steadman Clinic. Andrew is very professional, great manners, and will make you feel comfortable with your treatment. I'm now, less than a year out of surgery, running, hiking, riding, and soon skiing with near to no hesitation and owe it to Andrew! You won't be disappointed. Go to SRC and give yourself the best care to getting back to the activities you love.

Jenn Scotto

Lindsay Winninger has helped me come back from all of my injuries, and there’s been a lot. Without her knowledge, work ethic and out of the box thinking, I’d never have been able to accomplish what I did.
Lindsey Vonn

Greatest Female Ski Racer of All Time / US Ski Team / 4x Olympian

“I could not recommend Kristen enough! During the 2019 Rugby World Cup, I worked closely with Kristen, as she was one of the superb physios for the USA Rugby national team. She quite literally saved my World Cup, enabling me to get back on the field in great fashion. To this day, I use Kristen with any further injuries I have as an athlete. I can honestly say she is one of the best in the business.”
Will Hooley

USA Rugby

“I could not be more thankful that hip surgery at the Steadman Clinic led me to Brad Schoenthaler. From Day 1 out of surgery and through the two years that followed, Brad was in the training room, in my living room, or on Facetime helping regain everything I had lost from injury. He is nothing short of an expert in his field, the consummate professional and the friend when your head is getting the best of you. Brad was an integral part of my rehab team and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a skilled physiotherapist.”

Tim Lincecum

3-time World Series Champion & 2- time Cy Young winner, Former MLB pitcher